Why Emisan?

Reliability, quality of service, the pursuit of technology, the characteristics of the sector within the industry has succeeded in the beginning of the name, Technologist follower, visionary and experienced engineer and technician. All units, from project and technical coordination to maintenance and repair, can respond to customer needs in the fastest way


Years of Experience






Emisan provides, Data Center BMS, PMS, DCS applications, PLC & SCADA Automation systems, Generator applications, green energy applications, Sales of automation control and monitoring devices, automatic loadbank applications, Sms & e-mail notice, billing & counter applications, manufacturing, montage and turnkey projects.


Emisan will continue to develop itself continuously in the coming years with its attitude that never compromises its understanding of superior quality since its establishment and will continue to provide services to its customers in the best way and to undersign the works to be shown as examples
  • Axis AVM SCADA Panosu
  • Hilton Bursa 2 x 1650 kVA
  • Acıbadem Hospital Adana 2 x 1400 kVA
  • HSBC Genel Müdürlük Binası 4 x 700 kVA


We take advantage of technological developments and shape the future of the automation industry.


We provide you with time saving expertise by producing fast and professional solutions in your field.


We establish a business partnership based on sound foundation with our experienced and satisfied work principle.

Eco Friendly

We care about the world we live in, our natural resources and future generations

Our Business Partners

  • ITEAC Holding (Suudi Arabistan)
  • Mikrodev (Türkiye)
  • Rapid Parts Distribution (Kazakistan)


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