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December 12 2016
Günümüzde Denetim ve Denetimin Önemi

The Importance of Audit and Inspection

Since the second half of the twentieth century, a great transformation has taken place in the world in terms of both economic and political approaches.In this period, rapid scientific and technological developments have forced all structures and processes to change.  
December 12 2016
Siemens Enerji Sektörünün Geleceğine Işık Tuttu

Siemens Brings Light to the Future of the Energy Sector

Siemens Brings Light to the Future of the Energy Sector Having the world’s largest environmental portfolio in energy solutions, Siemens introduced its products and solutions for renewable and fossil sources of energy production, energy automation and service, smart grids and energy transmission at the 20th ICCI Energy and Environment Fair and Conference. This year, the […]

December 08 2016

What is Automation? What are its benefits?

Automation is the creation of technology and its application in order to control and monitor the production and delivery of various goods and services. It performs tasks that were previously performed by humansThe percentage of total work to be done determines the level of automation. At this point, the concept of automation can be divided [...]