March 02 2017

Emisan and Iteac Holding Partnership in the energy sector

  • DEIK / Turkey-Saudi Arabia Business Council, established under the roof of DEIK with the agreement signed with the Saudi Arabian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2003, aims to develop trade relations between the two countries as well as commitment, tourism and mutual investment To increase cooperation and investment in their fields, to evaluate the possibilities of Turkish-Saud cooperation in third countries, to determine the legislation and practices that restrict trade and joint ventures and to make recommendations on the abolishment or improvement of them in order to promote Turkey and the Turkish economy in Saudi Arabia. Are continuing their work in order to be found.
  • In this context, the Business Council continues its seven subcommittee activities in agriculture, food, water, energy, construction and infrastructure, real estate, services, industry and logistics. The Business Council is the counterpart organization in Saudi Arabia The Council of Trade and Industry Chambers of Saudi Arabia holds annual joint meetings and subcommittee meetings in Saudi Arabia and Turkey every year.