December 12 2016
Siemens Enerji Sektörünün Geleceğine Işık Tuttu

Siemens Brings Light to the Future of the Energy Sector

Siemens Brings Light to the Future of the Energy Sector

Having the world’s largest environmental portfolio in energy solutions, Siemens introduced its products and solutions for renewable and fossil sources of energy production, energy automation and service, smart grids and energy transmission at the 20th ICCI Energy and Environment Fair and Conference. This year, the speakers of Siemens shed light on the future of the energy sectır with ‘’ The Future of Energy’’ concept in ICCI 2014.

In many countries, the future of energy supply is considered one of the most important agenda items. While energy demand in emerging markets is increasing, energy efficiency and environmental protection come to the forefront in industrializing countries.

In all economies, sustainability and the presence of energy in the future are seen as key concepts in the transformation of energy supply. Therefore, resource conservation-oriented and environment-friendly energy production, energy distribution and efficient use of energy is playing a decisive role.
This process forms the framework for the ICCI Energy and Environment Fair and Conference.

In the future, energy systems will be more complicated, networked and flexible structured than today.

In addition to high-efficiency and large-scale power plants, there will be thousands of medium and small-scale power plants producing energy with wind, solar, hydroelectric, biomass or geothermal resources.

With the energy transformation, the age of “green” energy will start and by 2050, the greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 80 percent.

These predictions require technologies to make innovations in energy sustainability, to maximize energy efficiency, and to provide renewable energy resources at competitive prices. All available solutions for those areas, Siemens,  with “The future of Energy “concept ,has become this years’ one of the key participants of the  ICC Energy and Environment Fair and Conference.


Siemens Technology in Wind Energy

Besides the DirectDrive technology turbines at 3MW and 3.2 MW power and wing diamater of up to 113 meters, various field conditions of turbine technologies were indroduced in Siemens stand. DirectDrive turbines use about 50 percent less rotating equipment than gear box turbines. Thanks to this technology, the turbines provide significant advantages in both maintenance and transportation and installation.

Storage of Energy

Energy storage systems will be a necessity in the future due to the irregularity of wind and solar energy. The Siemens SILYZER system offers generating hydrogen efficiently and storing energy in hydrogen form.

The hydrogen obtained by the electrolysis of water when the demend and cost are low, can be used in the gas turbines with natural gas when demand is increased. Natural gas tanks and pipelines are also available for the storage and transmission of hydrogen. By using PEM technology, SILYZER is the ideal solution for network balancing systems with its modular structure and fast adaptation to variable loads and reliability.


High Efficiency Proven SGT5-8000H Gas Tribunes

It is crucial to balance the fluctuations in energy production as quickly as possible when the clouds cover the sun or the wind does not blow at sufficient speed. In such situations, Natural gas cycle power plants that can be activated quickly are the ideal solution.

SGT5-8000H, in its field, the world’s most efficient gas turbine, can convert more than 60 percent natural gas energy to electricity.These systems also provide up to 95 percent overall efficiency with cogeneration applications.

Siemens’ technology leader H-class SGT5-8000H gas turbines were put into operation for Cengiz Energy in Samsun in 2015 and for Enerjisa in Bandırma in 2016.