Data Center Applications

BMS, PMS, DCS, DCIM Solutions according to the user’s demands for
Data Center’s energy analyzation and efficiancy.
PLC & SCADA Automation Systems More Instant following and automatic control of every stage of process and energy Generator Applications Project design, configuration and commissioning of the synchronization
system according to single line diagram and operating scenerio.
Green Energy Applications More Nature friendly economic power solutions with green energy technics Automation Products More Local Scada software, RTU, PLC, Gateway products. Notifications With SMS & E-MAIL More RMP & RMCP panels for web based Scada applications under Emisan Cloud servers Billing and Counter Automation More Analyzing and auto reporting of the collected data from devices like electric meters, gas meters, water meters, calorimeters, energy analyzers.

Why Emisan?

Reliability, service quality, follow-up characteristics of the technology, Emisan is a company that succeeds with its follower of technology, visionary and experienced engineer and technician, and is able to respond to customer needs with all units from project and technical coordination to maintenance and repair in the fastest way.


Years of Experience





Our Services

Our company performs, Data Center BMS and SCADA applications, PLC & SCADA automation systems, generator applications, green energy applications, sale of automation products, loadbank applications, SMS and e-mail notification applications, counter automation and billing applications, and automation systems manufacturing, assembly and undertaking projects.

Our projects

EMİSAN has been serving its customers in the best way by developing itself continuously with its superior quality conception since the foundation date.
  • Axis Mall SCADA Panel
  • Hilton Bursa 2 x 1650 kVA
  • Acıbadem Hospital Adana 2 x 1400 kVA
  • HSBC Headquarters Building 4 x 700 kVA


We shape the future of the automation sector by utilizing technological developements.


We save time by producing fast and professional solutions with our expert staff.


We create a business partnership based on a solid foundation with our experience and satisfaction-oriented working principle.


We care about the world we live in, our natural resources and the future generations.

Business Partners

  • Mikrodev (Türkiye)
  • Rapid Parts Distribution (Kazakistan)


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